We'll own you – SoF2

» Bind list

1. call for reinforcements
2. advance
3. awaiting orders
4. check the perimeter
5. go check that out
6. he’s dangerous
7. did you hear that
8. he’s disappeared
9. drop your weapon
10. eliminate target
11. get him
12. I got that bastard
13. hold here
14. hurry
15. I’m hit
16. Investigate that area
17. keep lokking
18. kill him
19. I killed him
20. I lost him
21. were taking serious casualties
22. I need help here
23. Medic Medic
24. open fire
25. im out of ammo
26. He’s over here
27. over there
28. plug him
29. position reached
30. secure the area
31. we’re getting slaughtered
32. somethings not right here
33. spread out
34. surround him
35. take cover
36. take him out
37. take position
38. take them out
39. target has been eliminated
40. there he is
41. were taking alot of fire
42. watch-out
43. what are you doing here
44. what the
45. what was that
46. whats happening here
47. who are you
48. you’re not supposed to be here
49. Did you see that guy? i think he wet his pants
50. hey honey
51. huh I think I can help you
52. if you look at me one more time i swear ill blow yopur head off
53. lets see if you can dodge a bullet
54. that was a close one
55. what are you lookin at
56. you scared? you should be
57. leave me alone
58. leave me be
59. what? please explain..over
60. attention
61. someone call 911
62. call the police
63. coming thru
64. nice shot
65. excuse me
66. dont hurt me
67. I dont understand
68. I dont have any money
69. those men have guns
70. Take my wallet..just dont hurt me
71. I’m unarmed
72. watch out
73. pair up
74. fan out
75. we have company
76. Enemy has been neutralised, base camp is secure, over
77. Bang! you’re dead
78. damn that was close
79. get down
80. come get come
81. incoming
82. go cry to moma
83. we showed them
84. take that
85. that did it
86. you want some of this
87. yeah
89. dont worry girls itll all be over soon
90. cover my left
91. cover my right
92. keep your eyes open boys
93. get moving
94. shut-up man
95. eat lead sukka
96. kickin ass and takin names
97. How’d you like that
98. WoOoOo
99. ok, lets do it
100. we cant take much more of this
101. yeah yeah just, just wait
102. go away
103. dud whats going on
104. help
105. No, noooo
106. run
107. lol
108. hello
109. ha! great shot
110. behind you
111. ahh shut-up
112. I dont remember asking you a goddamn thing
113. I do the ass kicking around here
114. awww crap
115. If I may be so blunt who gives a shit
116. Bullshit
117. He he, you cant kill me sukka
118. You Cocksucker
119. Die you son of a bitch
120. Look at the screen you dumbshit im trying to get your attention
121. the following people are..
122. jesus fuck now hes gonna cry
123. hes camoing again
124. holy shit
125. huh
126. I’ll be back
127. Im gonna take those bastards out
128. you suck you jackass
129. why dont you kiss my ass
130. hahahaha shut up
131. Hm hm hm hm hmm yeah
132. looser
133. nailed those bastards
134. oh my god
135. ok bitch
136. that pisses me off, that pisses me right off
137. relax tootse, dont get your panties in a bunch
138. Just when I thought you said the stupidest thing ever you keep talkin
139. Son of a Bitch
140. Im on you like stink on shit
141. stop whinning
142. I knew it im surrounded by assholes
143. you all suck
144. you are a bitch
145. ..open up a can of whopass
146. yeah baby…ha ha ha
147. you guys suck
148. damn…u suck
149. LoL
150. This is some bullshit
151. Good Game
152. Killing Spree
153. Dominating
154. God-like
155. unstoppable
156. head hunter
157. brutality
158. excellent
159. fatality
160. flawless victory
161. humiliation
162. Monster kill
163. welcome
164. you will never win
165. you are gay
166. I am gay
167. Im gona drink alot of beer
168. Woo Hoo
169. Oh yeah drugs u gotta have drugs
170. Eay Eay captain
171. shut up
172. jerkass
173. well you have a gambling problem
174. Hahahahaha
175. Hehehehehehe
176. If you dont like it go to russia
177. I have a feeling some bad stuff is about to go down
178. ahh the hell with this
179. if u get mad everytime everytime i do something stupid…
180. you want the truth? you cant handle the truth
181. eat shit and die
182. yeah w/e you fat bitch
183. kick ass/chew bubblegum
184. shut the fuck up
185. why the fuck you do that
186. kamikaze
187. holy fuckin shit
188. your all a bunch of pussies
189. that felt like a round from an ak47
190. hey this noob’s rushin me
191. oh shit
192. oh bitch
193. screw u guys im going home
194. wanna bet
195. victory is mine
196. damn..all you do is smoke weed
197. you got to be a stupid mf..
198. you can do it cut his fucking head off
199. MILF
200. you got knocked the fuck out ha!
201. oh no we suck again
202. dont fuck with me fellas
203. yes its true this man has no dick
204. throw me a friggin bone here, im the boss, need the info
205. yeah keep smiling pal
206. come on hotshot
207. I own you
208. kiss my ass
209. help! hes got a blade
210. everyones a comedian
211. I was a abused too man
212. so thats what opening up a can of whoopass feels like
213. Oh and this one time, at bandcamp…
214. Where is ur shitta? I have a turtle head poking out!
215. Your balls are showing
216. You gonna do something or just stand there and bleed?
217. wowww I’m getting a boner
218. Well boo-fucking-hoo
219. I eat peaces of shit like you as breakfast
220. What are you looking at butthead
221. bakbakbak
222. I’ll blow this place up and be home in time for cornflakes
223. Mmmoooooooo
224. The kid shouldn’t play so rough, somebody is gonna start crying
225. He will crying himself to sleep tonight on his huge pillow
226. Your a dead motherfucker, you understand me?
227. Yipi-kaye motherfucker
228. Hmhmh DIE DIE DIE
229. Do NOT go in there.. WOOOW
230. Don’t do that
232. Drop the gun fat boy
233. qua qua qua
234. English motherfucker, do you speak it
235. Hey how about lilass questions and lil more shut the hell up
236. Ok that’s it, the next 5. hours your my bitch
237. Wow transvestite, back off
238. Well hello mr. fancypants
239. I fart in your general direction
240. Run forest! RUN!
241. First blood
242. Float away, you fairy
243. Friggin idiot
244. Fuck this shit
245. Hell I like you, you can come over to my house and fuck my sister
246. Fuck you too
247. Game over man, just game over
248. Who gives a shit, get a fucking life
249. I believe I ll get me another beer
250. Get the fuck out my face with that shit
251. Meehehehehe
252. I think we got a hacker
253. Astalavista baby
254. Do you find it hard to hide the fact that you are gay
255. Housten we have a problem
256. I am invinceble
257. You leave me with no choice, I’m gonna have to kick your ass
258. Kick him
259. Well laddy frickin da
260. Were does it say that a gunshot wound requires a rectal exam? huh?
261. Hey this is our turf asshole, turn around
262. Why don’t you go tell your mom to shut up
263. Yup he’s gay
264. Hey son of a bitch, your mom sucks
265. Sure, and monkey’s might fly outa my but
266. Fuck you fuck you and fuck you, who’s next
267. You people are fucking sick
268. Now fuck off
269. Now I am really pissed
270. I’m trying to watch some porno, and you buttnuckers keep interrupting me
271. You’re a good kid real good, but as long I’m around you will always be second best SEE?
272. Revenge is so very very sweet
273. The little bastards are up on the roof running around like fucking retards
274. Meheheh
275. I will gauge out eyeballs and skullfuck you
276. My uncle says that smokin crack is kinda cool
277. Stay sharp, we’re not alone
278. Ohh you shitface cock master
280. So long SUCKA
281. And btw, suck my motherfucking dick
282. Sucky sucky 5. dollars
283. Give me some sugar baby
284. I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer
285. Sweet mother of god what is the hold up
286. Just watch out for the guns, the will getcha
287. Well i guess you can suck my tiny little balls
288. Ralalalala
289. Use your fucking brain
290. Vote please vote please
291. Wazzaaaaaaaappp
292. Blow it out your ass
293. Excuse me but I do believe that sucked ass
294. You nutter
295. You are now dead
296. Damn dude that kid is fucked up
297. Thats a huge bitch
298. Go to HELL!
299. That hurt you buttlicker
303. Wooo hoo hoo hoo take that bitch

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