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RPM is a server-side modification with an optional client-side for Soldier of Fortune 2 – Double Helix.

RPM was originally developed by Ryan Powell (aka Some Dude), and has been in development since 2002, when the first version was released for Sof2 v1.00. RPM now has a large following and many people contributing with ideas, graphics, coding and beta testing.
RPM is now being developed for SOF2 Gold Edition in hope to revitalize the game. It is being released as an open-source project and all programmers are invited to contribute with anything they think will make the game better.

RPM (0.7)rpm_0.7_with_installer_by_skullbones.zip
RPM (0.7 Beta 2)rpm_0.7_beta2.zip
RPM (0.7 Beta 2 Final)rpm_0.7_beta2.final.zip
RPM Mod .exe (v1.0)rpm_gold_1.0_exe.zip
RPM Mod for SOF2 Gold Edition (v1.0)rpm_gold_1.0_file.zip

– Funkys Name Maker

This file was made by FunkyGuy. If you need some help on the program e-mail me @ FunkyGuy@DrunkenSoldiers.com.
Put your name in the sof2mp.cfg (it might be in the full version here C:\\Program Files\\Soldier of Fortune II – Double Helix\\base\\mp\\sof2mp.cfg).

– Weapon Mod (5.0)

-New M4 Tactical Carbine and Silenced M4 Tactical Carbine
-New M1991A1 and Silenced M1991A1
-New SG-551 Carbine
-New AKM with 4x scope and Silenced AKM with 4x scope
-New silencer sound effects (made from the normal sound effect

Some of the modified Stuff:
-Modified some effects
-MM-1 uses two types of 40mm grenades: The M406 HE and M433 DP. 6 per type
-The Laser and Light of the non silenced Mk. 23 work now

Go give this a try its awesome, you will not be dissapointed
*** This is for Single Player Only ***

– SOF2 Minimizer
Here we have a utility which minimizes sof2 to the desktop.

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